Ma’ayanot is designed for serious yeshiva high school graduates with requisite textual and Hebrew skills. The educational program is centered around a vibrant Beit Midrash. Under the guidance of scholars and inspiring teachers, students are encouraged to prepare the sources for their hashkafa and Torah text classes b’chevruta.

Ma’ayanot has perfected an educational methodology that enables each student to achieve a deep understanding of Torah texts and Judaism. Most courses follow a dual system of initially focusing on the meaning and methodology of the chosen text, and next exploring its moral and hashkafa applications. All classes are taught in a small, intimate environment, enabling each student to maximally develop her learning potential.

Course offerings cover a broad range of Torah studies, some of them taught in Hebrew.

A partial listing of subject areas include: Chumash, Parshat Hashavua, Nach, Megillot, Midrash, Gemara, Mishna, Hebrew, Halacha, Tefilla, Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish Family, Yediat Ha'Aretz, Women in Jewish Law, Pirkei Avot, Bein Adam Lechavero, Education, "Da Ma Lehashiv" (Know What to Answer), Mesillat Yesharim, Michtav M'eliyahu, Shmoneh Prakim, Medical Ethics, Contemporary Jewish Thought, Ethical Dilemmas, Kuzari and Hebrew ulpan.

Academic Accreditation
The academic program meets the accrediting standards of American colleges and universities. Ma’ayanot is affiliated with all Joint Israel programs.

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